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Hi-Hellooooo to you all again. I have failed to write any blogposts. And I have failed 3 months in a row. What a pity.

I shall make it up. Now.

So, let me tell you (more like show you) about our 10-day trip to Mallorca!

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Purpose of the trip:

  • Take a lot of photographs & videos (since the majority of us share the love for photography & videography).
  • Discover Mallorca. As much as possible.
  • Find some nice cliff jumping spots.
  • Eat way too much gelato & cheese. Unfortunately.

Who went?

I just added all their links here, cause I'm going to be using some of their superb work as well! The Crew ↓

Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic Islands archipelago, which are part of Spain and located in the Mediterranean. The capital of the island is Palma. We stayed at Portals Nous, which is ~ 15 mins drive away from Palma. Portals Nous

We arrived late & it was already getting dark, but literally the first thing we did...checked out the closest beach ↓

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Since we didn't have a car (yet)...We discovered another beach, close to our home the next day ↓

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Mallorca has some of the clearest waters I've seen in my life.

Next, we went for a walk around the marina in Portals Nous called Puerto Portals

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Puerto Portals is like a mini version on Puerto Banus in Marbella. Hundreds of yachts, fancy restaurants, all kinds of fancy people. Celebrities, high society figures and members of the Spanish royal family like to visit that place.

Silk Dress from  Piret Kuresaar Design

Silk Dress from Piret Kuresaar Design

A lot less touristy than Puerto Banus though. 

Mr. Fab

Mr. Fab

Later that day, we went to Palma to see the capital and meet up with Grete, who joined us a day later. (And we got the car finally!)

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Palma Cathedral - probably the most famous place around there. 

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The cathedral is more than 5 centuries old & looks just majestic ↓

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The old town of Palma is super cute, but hella crowded. Like way too crowded. If there's something that has went past its limits on this island - it's tourism

During the high season, there are approximately 700 planes coming in every day. SEVEN HUNDRED!! It's's tinyyyyyyy

Let's do some maths. Let's say the airport works 12 hours a day, which equals 720 minutes. Now...There is one plane, carrying hundreds of tourists, EVERY MINUTE, that wants to land on this tiny piece of land. 

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It has it's pros & cons. The island is wealthy of course, because of the tourism, but the nature & the locals are not too happy with the crowds.

These narrow streets are my favourite ↓

Hope you enjoyed the post. Hablamos pronto!