Last weekend in New Mexico...

& the last trip me & Zak took together. Gonna miss you bud.

1st stop - Fenton lake. Look at them clouds ↓

A lot of bushfires there lately. ↑

2nd stop - Las Conchas trail.

I look like a squirrel here ↓

Days spent outside are always the best.

Lunch break! Let me introduce you - the best New Mexican food. GREEN CHILE CHEESE FRIES!

Next stop - Valles Caldera.

It is a 22 km wide volcanic caldera in the Jemez mountains of northern New Mexico.

Looks pretty cool, take a look ↓

Happy pup.

May 06, 2017untitled-421.jpg

Me, when mom tells me to eat my veggies #wood ↓

Anyone seen "The Lone Ranger" (2013) (with Johnny Depp!!)? Well, that movie was filmed there as well. 

A quick pit stop ↓

Last stop - Tsankawi ruins.

Tsankawi was built by ancient Pueblo Indians sometimes known as the Ancestral Pueblo People. Archeological evidence indicates that Tsankawi may have been constructed in the 15th century.

There you can explore numerous unexcavated ruins, caves and petroglyphs. These really narrow trails are where the village people used to walk↑

These caves were their homes for centuries ↑

Zak's parents joined us for this trip. This is how narrow the trails are. ↓

Petroglyphs carved into the walls. 

These trails include a lot of ladders. #laddergoat

I'll be out & about. See you next time.