On our way to White Sands we visited so many other mention-worthy places like....

Adventure buddy & an amazing photographer →  ZAK

Adventure buddy & an amazing photographer → ZAK

1. Elephant Butte Reservoir ↑

The name "Elephant Butte" refers to a volcanic core, which is an island in the lake. The butte is said to have the shape of an elephant lying on its side. I still like to say that it's actually an elephant's butt.

 It's just north of Truth and Consequences (yes, that's a town). Elephant Butte is the only place in New Mexico, (let me remind you that New Mexico is basically a desert), where one can find PELICANS?!

April 21, 2017untitled-82.jpg

When you live in a desert for a while, you really start to appreciate water & swimming more. So I basically went nuts when I saw the huge lake. The air temperature was something like 12 degrees, because it was 8am in the morning. So you can just imagine what the water temperature was like. Felt so damn good.

The real me ↑ I really do care about the environment. Picking up trash and ya know.

Checked out the Elephant Butte dam, while letting my butt dry in the air.

New Mexico has some of the coolest roads I've seen.

Then, we headed further more South to Hatch, which is most famous for its HATCH GREEN CHILE. Green chile is perhaps the thing what New Mexico is best known for.

This typical-looking American diner has the best green chile cheeseburger in the WORLD! The place is called Sparkys. So, if you ever go to NM, you need to go there too.

Next stop was the Organ Mountains next to Las Cruces.

The area around the mountains looked just A M A Z I N G ↓

Next, we actually hiked the Organ Mountains for a couple of hours. I don't know what is wrong with the US, but they charge you for f****** everything. 

You want to swim in this lake - pay.

You want to enter this park - pay.

You want to hike this mountain - pay.

They just love to put fences around everything, that shouldn't have a fence (nature...) & not have fences, where they would actually be okay to have (like around private houses).

My heart just fills up with happiness looking through the photos we took in New Mexico. I hope you enjoy looking at them too! Pce.