Well, one post for Mexico definitely wasn't enough.

One day we managed to get on a really big & extremely touristy boat. It took us along the coast to Cabo Corrientes & the beaches around Boca de Tomatlán. 

The beaches there seemed so empty & a lot more beautiful. But you know, when you get on one of those tours with hundreds of other tourists, they let you explore around only for a limited amount of time. Sad.

We hiked for 20-30 minutes on really narrow paths uphill to go swimming in a natural pool next to a waterfall. We had to share the path with horses. Like a lot of horses. Too many horses. I've always been kind of afraid of these animals, because I have no idea how they're going to act. I mean, if you look at a cat or a dog, you can pretty much tell what are they feeling...if they love you or hate you at that specific moment. But horses? I honestly have no idea what their horse emotions/gestures/faces mean. Haters gonna hate, horses gonna horse. Meh.

00000 (87 of 221).jpg

The waterfall wasn't the biggest I've seen in my life, but the water was nice & cold. Also, 100% wrong shoes for hiking & running away from the horses blaaah.

Fish love bums too.

Catch me if you can.

Found this little confused pooch on our way back...↑

Boys love flowers. Your argument is invalid.

Sad fate of Jake ↓

The "Fuck Trump" hat was part of the official clothing that bartenders in Mexico had to wear ↑ it was so cool. I just had to buy the hat from the bar...

Some more cute street views & Jake trying to call his mom ↓


Sayulita is a small surfing village, only 1 h away from PV.

If you go anywhere near Puerto Vallarta, you MUST GO TO SAYULITA! It's the coolest, hippiest, most colourful & all the other trendy words in their superlative forms little village ever. Just go already, k?

Oh and there are so many puppies running around. Yaiiiiixxx.

A w e s o m e outdoor bar ↓

↑C'mon even the toilet looked so rad that I had to consider taking another...

Just kiding. But still.

Absolutely perfect moment in my life ↑ Piña Colada + a puppy + double chin = genuine happiness!

Also, say hi to my new friend. The only thing he wanted was to play darts with me forever ♥

Perfect. Everything was just so perfect. Can someone please wipe my tears.

If you want a real hippie Sayulita experience, I recommend sleeping in a tent on the beach. That's what a lot of people did there ↓

Before leaving Sayulita, Jake gave us a marvellous performance. Let me introduce you - the flip flop dance. 

Thank you for this awesome trip guys!!