Got tired of New Mexico, so we went back to the old one.























We (me & approximately 30+ other students from UNM) decided to spend our spring break in Puerto Vallarta. It is a Mexican beach resort city situated on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

11 of us were staying at really nice AirBnB. Take a look ↓ I still can't believe I paid only a 100$ for 7 days!

I'm just gonna take a moment here to introduce my main crew ↓

"Hey, can you take a really edgy picture of me?" Mr. Edgelord - Jake Finkel. His humour is totally on the same wavelength as mine. From London. Really proud of it. If there's one person who always manages to get lost in the crowd, it's Jake. "Can I have the WiFi password please?"

Le Frenchie - Harold Gouraud. Oh you know, just all the French things, like putting an "H" where it's not supposed to be and taking it away from where it is supposed to be. "My hass urts" I think he's a low-key model. Not from Paris. Not too posh. Man purse is 100% acceptable tho. Stylish FDP. 

Another Frenchie -  Thibault Colin. People have usually no idea how to pronounce his name. I've heard some really hilarious versions of it. From Paris. Really posh (just kiddin, don't hate me xoxo). Likes to ask questions. "So guys, where are we going now?" "Eeeeh, where's Jakey-Booooy?" #fromage

Josh Rowat - Mr. Nationality Crisis. He likes to make people think he only speaks English, cause he's a Brit & then starts confusing them with various other languages like Spanish, Chinese, French and so on. That one guy, who always shows up wearing either pyjamas or sweatpants, no matter what the occasion is. "Aren't you just a special one"

Mr. "FAAAK OOOFFF" (with a really Spanish accent) - Gonzalo Garcia. From Valencia, Spain. Representing Valencia 24/7. A master chef, who doesn't want to cook actually, but then still cooks for everybody all the time. This sentence explains: "I mean, I don't mind". Endless quest for that authentic paella. Absolute selfie queen. There's no tourist sight in the world, which he doesn't have a selfie with. "Do you have the lighter?"

Ms. Zara - Marie Labarthe. Don't tell her that there's a Zara in town, she's gonna spend all her money. She has some kind of a supreme dish called "Chinese noodle" (she means the fast food ramen) for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Still waiting for that sponsorship from that noodle company. From France. Not from Paris. Not too posh. Love you babe. "I'm too lazy to go to my class." (unfortunately she wasn't in Mexico with us, but she's still part of the fam, so I added her here)

Back to the Mexican life. I'd say our week there was pretty chill. We didn't plan too much stuff nor did we wake up early on any of the days. (I would have liked to, but with 11 people it's really hard to plan a tight schedule). I guess everyone just wanted to relax after that super intense study session before spring break. So I just went with the flow.

Some street views of the area we lived in ↓

Harold sure knows how to zen out  ↓

Found a non-touristy beach close to our house ↓

Spontaneous midnight photoshoots ↓

Backyard fun, late arrivals, 2 stolen trolleys from Walmart & a broken hammock ↓

More fun in the pool  ↓

Took a boat & went snorkeling around Los Arcos - beautiful place!  ↓

Alexa beautiful  ↓

And finally a ton of photos of this amazing sunset at the beach  ↓

Less than a month & I'll be back in Estonia. See ya.

Simply magical.

Simply magical.