Another spectacular place & just 1 hour drive away.

The crew. Love you guys!

The Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks are formed by 2 different geologic processes - volcanic activity & wind + water erosion.

I went there in January & in April, hence the difference in lighting conditions, weather & colours.

So, why are they called The Tent Rocks? Um, because they look like tents...simple.

Meet Jacob Scoville - a filmmaker from Virginia.


God, how I love the fisheye lens. It just fits everything in the picture.

Exploring, exploring...

Haha, the goal is always to get new profile pictures for friends...

Managed to climb to the top, although the park rangers were closing the park. As captain Jack Sparrow once said - it's all about the parley!

Ahhhhhh. STUNNING.

And what do we end the post with? The sunset of course.

Hugs from New Mexico :)