The good views are just 30-60 mins away from Albuquerque.

There's a big open space at the foothills of the Sandias, where people like to hang out. Hike, walk their dogs etc., ya know.

At first it was very exciting for me to see all the cute little cacti that we have here. I always touched them whenever I saw them, but when the spines started to touch me back, and quite unexpectedly, they suddenly stopped being "cute little cacti".

Me being me.

Some nice moody scenery.

The foothills are so pretty-pretty.

Some views from above & say hi to my friend Dwight!

I feeeeeel freeeeee.

When you think of the word "desert" you don't think about snow & cactus, right? Well that's the case here.

Omg! Water in the desert. I took me 3 months to see rain here...

Only higher.

This was a beautiful moment in my life. I realised that one doesn't need much to be happy. Just a banana, a rock & sunset. 

Feeling like a desert eskimo.

Oh! And there goes the plane.

The colours of this picture remind me of "The Lion King". 

Stay thirsty for adventure, go for a hike!