Deserted. Derelict. Neglected. Desolated. Forlorn. Empty. Isolated. Forsaken. 

There are some pretty cool deserted places in the desert. So, me & Zak have been checking them out lately. Check out this Kickin Ass Ranch in the middle of nowhere ↑ heckin awesome!

Hey, let me in please.

Trying out the chairs at Kickin Ass Ranch.

Kickin Ass Ranch is just on the way from Albuquerque to Madrid. Everything around that ranch looks very abandoned.

Found a random bathtub.

Took a nap in it.

Hiked a little bit uphill just to find all these old cars & crap.

It's like a whole village full of empty houses, weird stuff & abandoned cars.

The only bad side of visiting abandoned places is that it leaves you anxious. You just want to know everything. Who lived here? What happened? etc.


Madrid is a really small town or more like a artists' community with only 150 inhabitants. It's not abandoned, but it's just next to the abandoned stuff. I only have photos of that car, sorry haha. It was just so beautiful.

¡Traditions! - an abandoned mall.

Well, this place is simply odd. It's a huge complex of buildings + a lot of weird crap outside.

Yes it's an alien on the roof & yes, it's a giant harp. And no, I don't know, why they're there. 

A peek inside ↓

00000 (64 of 64).jpg

Completely irrelevant, but I can't just not share the beauty of New Mexico↓

2 Weeks left in New Mexico & then hitting the road. Damn, I'm going to miss this place so much ♥