So, what am I doing here, when there's no school?

A lot of fun stuff, this I can tell you! Trying to take as many photos as possible & hang around different places (mostly outdoors) with different people. I'll share some of my own work & local photographers' work.

Strolling around campus at night.

I'm a creep.

January 23, 2017untitled-91.jpg

Weather is always nice here, so we be chillin in the neighbourhood quite a lot. I've seen rain here exactly twice in 5 months.

Always skating & shootin around. Zak & Tyler ↓

Spruce Park (our neighbourhood) is really beautiful. Small, but one of the best I've seen here. Shooting for Above Millions clothing ↓↑

We have a river here (Rio Grande). Not the most beautiful I've seen, but exists. Don't go there too often.

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Teal took me to some graffiti places.

Some of the work is made by his friends & some by himself.

One day, I discovered, that I have a really cool mirror at home. Out of that finding, one of the dopest shoots I've had with Zak, was born. 

13 degrees + Sandia Mountains + snow + mirror. I'll just leave a gallery here. Take a look.

Teal x Skate on campus ↓

Absolutely one of my favourite pics ↓ Teal, you a pro! 

Albuquerque is indeed a true skater's paradise. I've seen a lot of people, who just come here to shoot their skate videos from all over the world, because it has a variety of really great spots around town.

Ahaaa, here you can also see the "main" restaurant, where students go - The Frontier. Cheap & New Mexican. #GreenChileEverywhere

Just recently teamed up with the guys from BSteez Media. Had a fun shoot with them around Rio Grande. ↓

Mini road trip to Taos & the Gorge Bridge. Just look how beautiful those mountains are!

My favourite goofballs.

Sorry for the looooong post again. Hope you still alive.

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