Oh boy! Is this really the big city life? Concrete jungle where dreams are made of?

It's absolutely impossible to look around and not see a yellow cab in the downtown area. 

Looking for a place to get some severe neck pain? NYC is the spot! I just couldn't stop looking up. Most of the time I was rocking my 8mm fisheye lens, cause the fishy just loves tall buildings. 

My beanie gang going for some late night strolls around the city.

Loook at the view, maaan! 

Yuckkk dude...Your socks may be Happy, but they sure are stinky as skunk!

Please don't tell me it's one of those classic tourist photos #timessquare #follow4follow #instacool #NYC #like4like.

Please, please, please if you ever go to New York, go eat breakfast at BLUESTONE LANE CAFE!!!! I guarantee you theee beeest brekkie!

I just love how walkable the city is. Compared to Albuquerque, NYC is a walking heaven haha. We walked 20 km a day. No gym needed.

The tallest building in the western hemisphere! One World Observatory is a must go place. Tip: book your visit for the earliest morning session, it gets super crowded after that.

Tip: 546 meters. Observatory: 382 meters.

Brooklyn Bridge & my new hobby - shooting birds after scaring them.

Although it's always NATURE>CITY for me, I gotta admit that this view is kind of breath-taking.

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