Wandering around Nob Hill, Albuquerque.

All my funny moments captured by my favourite  Zak Coker . Give him a follow. He posts some dope pics!

All my funny moments captured by my favourite Zak Coker. Give him a follow. He posts some dope pics!

Nob Hill is a neighbourhood in Albuquerque, consisting of a commercial district along Central Avenue (former U.S. Route 66!!) and surrounding residential areas.

This place has a great vibe. A lot of cute antique & drift shops. 

We invaded an abandoned apartment complex thingy. There was a security guard who told us that it's actually not allowed to go there, but she kinda liked us, so she let us take photos there yay.

This empty pool looks kinda cool, doesn't it?

Some of my favourite food places are around the Nob Hill area. And my ABSOLUTE fave - Poki Poki. A place where you can get a custom-made sushi bowl within 2 minutes. I go there every single week. I am such a loyal client, that all the workers already know me there haha.

Poki Poki is on Harvard Drive, which is one of the few cool streets we have here. When it gets dark it has kind of electric & neon vibe. That's pretty neat.

For me Nob Hill is kinda like the heart of Albuquerque. This is actually where you can see people walk around (+ the campus area, which is just next to Nob Hill). Albuquerque has a small downtown area also, but it's not the place to be. Haha I don't know it's just weird, because usually you would expect people to chill around downtown, but here it doesn't seem to be the case.

I've encountered so many sunsets here, that have left me absolutely speechless.

Nob Hill definitely offers some superb shooting locations. So if you're doing location scouting, Nob Hill is a great place to start.

00000 (22 of 28).jpg

Blue skies & brownish buildings - these are very typical to New Mexico. And of course don't forget the turquoise doors - they're everywhere.

Well, somebody has to take photos of the photographers too. 

I feel like people here really like to protest and fight for their rights. I think I've heard something like this going on here every week. We just had a march for women's rights & Shia LaBeouf came to Albuquerque to lead his "HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US" project. When a white supremacist came to speak in our university we even had SWAT team on campus, because the things got really heated.

I think that's it for now. Hope you still with me. C ya!