Said goodbye to my fam in San Fran & started a new chapter in my life alone!

Pic by  Zak Coker

Pic by Zak Coker

I moved to Albuquerque - the biggest city in the high desert of New Mexico to study as an exchange student for 1 semester. I have never lived abroad for more than a month and also I have never lived without my family, so this is a first for me. Oh god, how excited I was.

Pic by  Zak Coker

Pic by Zak Coker

Albuquerque is surrounded by some very nice mountains in the East side. They're called The Sandias. The highest peak is 3255 m, but since the elevation of Albuquerque is already 1619 m, they don't seem that big.

My first week here I spent with my host family. They helped me with absolutely everything & I'm super grateful for that! Some of the things I noticed during my first weeks here:

  • It was so hard to breathe haha! I was playing with my family's little dog Tanner all the time and I was constantly out of breath. I go skiing to the Alps almost every year & it has always been very okay, but here I don't know what happened to me. I took me at least a month to get used to it. 
  • My nose was bleeeeeding a lot! Yuckkk. That was probably cause the air is very dry here. Haha yeah what was I expecting, it's a desert. Also, my skin was super dry & kinda sandpapery.
  • I had a headache 24/7 for a weeek. Blah.

After checking 5 different houses I finally found the right one. So, let me introduce you to my new home. Welcome to LAS LOMAS CRIB!

I'm 100% sure moving to this house was the right decision. I'm living together with 5 other people - Marie (FRANCE), Gonzalo (SPAIN), Telmo (SPAIN), Daniela (VENEZUELA), Paula (SPAIN). At first I thought that it's going to be hard to live together with the people I don't know, especially when there are so many of them. No regrets. Every day here is an adventure full of giggles.

Although my life here may seem very appealing from my social media - full of traveling & adventure 24/7, the sad truth is that I actually spend most of my time in my room studying. In Estonia university is kind of like 5 months of doing absolutely nothing at school and then 1 month of really intense studying for the exam session, but here it's the other way around. Really intense studying EVERY single day & then the exams are less hard. Honestly, for 5 days a week I feel like a complete nerd/nolifer. So, every weekend I try to do as many activities as possible.

Since The University of New Mexico (UNM) doesn't have a genetics department (which is what I study in Estonia), I'm majoring in biomedical sciences & biology here. The courses I'm taking this semester:

  1. Neurobiology (graduate level class, this is the HARDEST thing ever, such a struggle haha, I was so close to dropping it, but somehow managed to overcome my stress and I'm still taking it!)
  2. Immunology (another graduate level class, at first it was as hard as neuro, but now I feel that it's easier for me)
  3. Ecology & Evolution (this class is so much fun, love the teachers!)
  4. Spanish (only took this class to get the necessary amount of credits & to rest a little from the other classes, this class is just as fun as a language class can be, endless laughter)

Anyway, school IS hard here!! But the adventure that comes with it, it's just so worth it. I couldn't be happier!

My first time discovering the surroundings. The old town of Albuquerque! Thank you Zak for showing me around & capturing my moments! 

Hidden gem!

Okay, enough of me and enough of this post! Ciao! Tsau! пока! Bye-bye!