My last destination before settling down in Albuquerque!

Welcome to the city of crazy steep streets!

I had a complete love-hate relationship with this city. San Fran has a great vibe, nice buildings & a lot of cool spots to visit, but WHAT THE HELL is going on with the hobos and crackheads in the downtown area and at its surroundings? I mean yes of course, this is a big problem in most of the metropolitan areas, but I've never seen the situation be this bad......................You can't even walk around in the parks, because they're packed with tents, hobos having picnics and junkies injecting drugs. Needles on the ground. There are so many crazy people on the streets. My "favourite" one was a guy standing at the same intersection of streets everyday and throwing rocks at people & cars.... Remember when I said: "It's absolutely impossible to look around and not see a yellow cab in the downtown area" in my post about the NYC, I guess I can just rephrase it here about San Fran: "It's absolutely impossible to look around and not see a junkie/hobo in the downtown area."This makes me sad. 

Walking around Potrero Hill. I liked it more than downtown.

Meeting locals.

Ride a cable car in San Fran - check! Mom looks happy.

iPhone 7 is performing quite well in low light conditions. Love it.

As you might have already noticed I'm a big fan of murals and street art. So, The Mission District is the place to be!

A little bit of iPhone photography for a change haha. Its camera is actually pretty good, so I have started to use my phone's camera again. I used to ignore its existence for a year or so.

Isn't it cool?

Spent our New Year's Eve on a boat on San Francisco Bay.

Also, somebody please explain me what is it about fireworks? You know nobody gives a dang about your fireworks that you saw somewhere 3 years ago, yet you still take like 200 photos of them every time. Why are we like this hahaha.

This guy is just never staying still.

There's something about old cars that I like.

Bernal Heights Park and some nice 360 degree views on San Fran. Definitely recommend hiking up there.

Aaaaiiightt, bye for now!