Road Trippin' around San Fran

Road Trippin' around San Fran

On the 2nd of January we decided to drive along the coast up to the North.

...and decided to be out of focus, so that the main star could shine in the spotlight - The Golden Gate Bridge.

Yes, we inspected THE BRIDGE from every angle. From far away & really closely. 

When visiting San Fran I strongly recommend getting out of the city & not only to see the bridge, but to drive along the coast to see some beautiful views & landscapes.

How scenic is the road?!

Sibling power.

This country charges 1000for peeing in the forest. Lucky we didn't get caught. I don't know what's so maleficent about letting the liquid by-products of your metabolism back to the nature. SMH.

We encountered some very moody weather.

Bodega Bay

This is the place where Alfred Hitchcock's horror-thriller "The Birds" was filmed. 

Definitely saw "some" birds there.

Where to next?

If you enjoy beautiful landscapes then you could probably drive along the coast even without a plan and just make stops every now and then. It's gorgeous out there. If possible try to fit Muir Woods National Monument to your day & make sure you get there before the sun goes down, they close when it gets dark.

Peace out, guys!