Finally someplace warm!

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We spent a few days in Key Largo, Florida. The photos may look perfect, but honestly the truth behind this is that it's nothing like perfection. I really don't understand why people like to go there every year for vacation..

Why I didn't like Key Largo?

  • There is nothing to do?
  • I mean yes, you can swim in the ocean/pool, sunbathe on the (artificial) beach, lay in hammock the whole day, read a few good books, do the hotel. And that's about it.
  • One day we rented bikes from our hotel & asked the rental guy: "So, what is here to see? Where can we bike?" and he responded: "Well, there's actually nowhere to go here". Really, for me the Keys were just a big f***** highway with some hotels on the sides, a few restaurants, private houses...and that's all.
  • OH! Did I mention we actually got to see a national park there?! Hahah, it was a little pathetic tho. You have to pay for the entrance just so you could enter a small nature area, which is packed with classic American trucks and a looot of (American) tourists eating/sitting on a little beach. Haha and yes there was one 300 meter long trail between the trees. Disappointment. We were just making fun of it all the time. Come to Estonia, we'll show you some good national parks, where you don't have to pay anything and can actually walk on trails for hours and hours...

Nothing too exciting happened there. 

Just fooled around & took pics.

Killed some time at the bottom of the pool.

Played volleyball with the other bored tourists.

Saw some beautiful sunsets.


The highlight of our trip to Florida.

Miami South Beach. Although it's pretty crowded there, the water was cleaner than I expected.

Tried to look like all the other cool beach bums there.


A must visit place in Miami.

This place is full of murals & cool hipster-looking things from cafes and art galleries to shops. Me likey.

Suzy, didn't anyone tell you not to run in the art galleries?

One of my favourites.

Miami is so much cooler than the Keys. If you ever have to choose between those two, please choose Miami.

Bits & pieces of Wynwood.

And that's it! Ciaaaoooo.