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Susann KõomägiComment

I still have too many good photos from our trip to Mallorca. So, here we go again...

Out of all the places in Mallorca, this spot right here was definitely our favourite!

Welcome to Calo des Moro!

It's an excellent place for cliff jumping ↑

Suss_mallorca (2 of 63).jpg

We conquered this cliff.

You can go swimming in underwater caves there ↑ GoPro killin it right here.

Boys taking a nap aaaand girls (+Krister) are doing... what? ↓ 

Unbelievably clear water ↓ 

Even in the high sea it's so clear ↓ 

Liis was very proud of her tumblr-like beach gear, so yeah... ↓

mallorca_uus (1 of 2).jpg

If somebody told me 15 years ago, that this is me & a girl, I first met on an airplane when I was less than 1 year old, on this photo, I wouldn't have believed them ↓


The dress is from ???? ↓

This is us, when we got a flat tire & nobody wanted to help us until it got dark. So, we were stuck in the middle of nowhere. Drinking wine & making the most out of Midsummer's Eve (or St. John's Day)  ↓


Grete & aperol spritz.... will we ever see them apart? ↓

Mirador De Ricardo Roco

mallorca kollane edit (56 of 95).jpg

Krister trying to get a new profile pic ↓ 

Us trying to get a cool group picture ↓

Boys trying to get this "We didn't know that you were taking a picture" picture ↓

Liis trying to get a "not very awkward-fresh af-new" profile picture ↓ (we didn't succeed) (her profile pic is still from 2013) (please help her)

Me trying to get that "yes I know how to do a perfect handstand" picture ↓ (took me 15 minutes to almost succeed)

Liis trying to get some "cute-looking vespa girl" pictures ↓ (she succeeded)

roheline edit (22 of 22).jpg

Me having a problem with making shorter blogposts ↓ So, byeeee!

roheline edit (1 of 22).jpg