Road trip time →  heading North

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Wait. Breakfast first.

Taken on iPhone 7

Taken on iPhone 7

Taken on iPhone 7

Taken on iPhone 7

Our cute Airbnb ↑  Grete is wearing a dress from Piret Kuresaar Design (this year they are taking part of Tallinn Fashion Week & I am helping them out, come see the show on 14th October)

Mallorca is well known for its crooked roads ↓ (drone shots by Kristjan)

Found a beautiful mountain lake ↓ No idea what's it called tho.

1st official stop -  Torre del Verger ↓ The shore is majesticccc

Then, we drove through a few tiny villages and a small town called Deia.

Aaaand... 2nd stop - Cala de Deia

Well, this my squad right here ↓

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I recommend eating lunch there as well. There's a restaurant called Ca's Patro March. Me & Grete took octopus & goat's cheese salad. Absolutely divine. 

NB! Go and reserve a table there immediately when you arrive there. It's very popular!

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Shiiiit, my friends are just way too crazy.... I think I was more worried about them on the shore than they were up there #jitters ↓ Random people were applauding after they made it.

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On the road again ↓

Next stop - Torrent de Pareis. It's a small, kind of hidden, beach between the canyon. You can choose the hard way and hike there for 3-5 hours or you can drive to Sa Calobra, leave your car there and take the easy route, which will take  ≈ 10-15 minutes. (Since we had a long to do list that day, we took the easy route)

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NB! Watch out for the jellyfish there, I mean you can't really see them, but be careful. Liis got stung quite a few times.

If you want dinner with a gorgeous view, then head to Restaurant Nautilus in Port de Soller.

See ya around. Ciao.